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Dorit Kreiser

My name is Dorit Kreiser. I am a married mother of three and have been a certified nurse midwife since 1994. I have a master’s degree in nursing and education. I am also a personal coach that aids with life changes and new habits, and a lecturer at Tel Aviv University.


During my years of work as a head nurse in the maternal wing of Sheba Maternity Hospital, I observed thousands of babies, discovered what they can do by themselves to fall asleep, and how adults can help teach them to sleep. In order to better understand children’s sleep and figure out the best way to help kids learn the skill of falling asleep independently, I studied psychotherapy and parental guidance. This lead me to develop The Method: AT Night We Sleep. The idea is that nighttime is sleep time. Nighttime is not the time to eat, drink, hear stories or play. At night, the entire family should sleep!


I am both delighted and humbled that my AT Night We Sleep method has helped over 4,000 families enjoy sleeping all night.

Meet Our Sleep Coaches

Our “AT Night We Sleep” coaches are compassionate, patient, and certified with this method. Each member of our team enjoys providing our families with a high level of expert guidance and real-time support throughout the process



Sleep Coach


I am married with 3 kids, and have always been a people person. I love sharing my ideas and beliefs with others. My career has incorporated harmony, organization, and design.  I studied interior design and Feng Shui, which led me to open a home styling and organization business called “Mess Be Gone.” The organization of people’s possessions and life go hand in hand. A year before becoming a certified sleep trainer, I joined the Westlake & West Luxury publication as a marketing and advertising consultant, but was still looking for something else that would fill my life in a different way. I finally found Dorit’s Sleep All Night method, reconnecting me to my passion of creating harmony in the home, which was exactly what I was searching for.



Sleep Coach


I am a mother of three, living in Tarzana, CA. I hold a BA from the Haifa University in Israel, and was a school teacher and educator in the Re’ali school in Haifa for 15 years. Today, in addition to helping parents teach their kids how to sleep through the night, I direct the Dialogue Language School in Tarzana and am a volunteer for the local community center, MATI. Education has always been in my blood. I am passionate about helping parents and children sleep through the night, and feel a great privilege to hear that my clients’ lives change thanks to the Sleep All Night method.



Sleep Coach


My name is Amy Diaz, and I am a mother of three young boys. I’m a working mom and needed a solution that covered other people putting my children to sleep.  When I learned about Dorit and her sleep training method, I immediately knew it was something I needed. At first I wasn’t convinced that one method could apply to each of my children but the Sleep All Night method did!  The method worked beautifully each time with each child.  All of my babies received everything they needed – eat, sleep, and play. We are also an active family that enjoys vacations and travel. The Sleep All Night method works great with this lifestyle and is the reason my kids can sleep anywhere, anytime!  I found it to be so life-changing I chose to teach it.

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