The Method - AT Night We Sleep
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How it Works

Designed to teach babies to fall asleep on their own (without a pacifier, rocking chair, parent’s arms, etc.) The “AT Night We Sleep” method successfully helps babies and children develop the skill to sleep through the night for a consecutive 10-12 hour period within 3-6 days.

How is This Possible?

The Method is based on fulfilling a baby’s needs and offers a consistent response that creates order and calmness in a baby’s life and extends to the entire family as well.  The Method uses the baby’s inborn abilities to learn and to adopt supreme, lifelong sleeping habits that accompany your baby everywhere and every time.

Key Messages

AT Night We Sleep is a behavioral method based on fulfilling your child’s needs, while communicating three key messages.

Step One

We are here

Your child will know you’re there and will feel reassured and secure.

Step Two

It’s time to sleep

Love, play, and stimulation are for your child to experience during waking hours. Through consistency and training, your child will recognize and accept that it’s time to sleep.

Step Three

Your child will succeed

Sleep is a skill that needs to be taught and developed. Your child will get it in a matter of a few days! His brain is forming daily and will quickly learn the pattern.

Your Baby’s Brain and Why The Method Works!

AT Night We Sleep method, is based on operant conditioning and classical conditioning learning processes. Translation: From day one during the learning process, connections between neurons in the brain are formatted (synapses). The brain reacts to the new reality (consistent parental cueing) and due to the brain plasticity, the brain gets rid of negative habits (like to being dependent on breast feeding or rocking) and adopts good independent sleep habits.  This makes it possible for your baby to transition between sleep cycles.

The Sooner, The Better:

Your Baby’s Brain is Formatting Patterns Right Now!

During the first year of life, about 700 synapses are being formed in the brain in each second.

This is the reason for the baby’s ability to learn how to sleep in an average of 3 days!

The Unexpected Benefits of Sleep Training!

Sleep training is a structured process yielding a major, positive shift in so many areas of your home.  Beyond sleep, it impacts interaction, mood, energy, habits, and more.  After successfully tackling sleep, parents feel empowered, hopeful, and confident that they can affect and redirect other challenging behavioral issues in their child.

A less anxious child

After successful sleep training, many parents report they have learned to apply the same structured, caring but firm approach into other parental areas with tremendous outcomes.

This is because children look to adults for structure and setting limits. Ultimately, children actually feel more at ease with predictability and boundaries.

A child that is more cooperative

Some parents experience less meltdowns and tantrums. Sleep affects mood. When children get sufficient sleep, they are physically able to handle the disappointments and demands of the day. More importantly, when parents set appropriate structure and routine and respond firmly, children are less likely to be resistant to other activities they don’t look forward to and be more inclined to follow rules.

A child that eats better

Some parents have reported that their child has better eating habits. There are several contributing factors here. When nighttime feedings are eliminated after successful sleep coaching, a child will eat better during the day. Also, bedtimes, nap times, and meal times are structured and therefore predictable after a successful sleep plan is in place.

Boost in Family Dynamics

Happily, many parents have reported that their interactions with one another and the general mood in their home is dramatically more positive.  Prior to sleep coaching, parents felt frustrated and irritable from a lack of sleep.  They were disappointed that they couldn’t get their child to listen or respond and felt hopeless at times.  A good night’s sleep means less battling and calmer, happier conditions.  In addition, many couples feel they have more quality time together in the evenings.

You’ve Got a Scenario, We’ve Got a Solution…

Our method will provide you with solutions for maintaining your child’s sleep habits across the board:



When they’re sick

When they’re sick

When you travel

When you travel

Have others put your baby to sleep

Have others put your baby to sleep

If you move to a different home

If you move to a different home

Have other children sleeping in your baby’s room

Have other children sleeping in your baby’s room

Whether your baby is breast or bottle-fed

Whether your baby is breast or bottle-fed

If the baby lives in more than one home

If the baby lives in more than one home

Navigating cycles & transitions including crib to bed, to new room, sharing a room with sibling(s).

Navigating cycles & transitions including crib to bed, to new room, sharing a room with sibling(s).

Remember when bedtime was a wonderful, calm time that you looked forward to?
We’ll get you back there!

It’s Not a Dream!

The results will be life-changing and the gift of sustainable, successful sleep immeasurable.

100% Success with 100% Implementation

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